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" The Way of Life "

  • One of the most effective Spiritual Disciplines.

  • Scientific method of development of Body, Mind,Intellect and Soul.

  • Provides great strength, stability and peace .

  • Makes one dynamic and visionary .

  • Eradicates Karma and bad habits.

  • Transforms LIFE in to a joyful , rich and healthy one.



DHARMA (Developing Harmony for Absolute Reformation of Mind and Attitude)is a unique SELF HELP programe for the youth of the country.


A person can easily reach his full potential with proper guidance and counseling in all areas of life and Sai Sanjeevani provides the same at its Counseling Center through its well experienced team.

Yoga Classes

In order for common people to benefit from our rich science of yoga , Sai Sanjeevani has started yoga for different sections of the people in our society like the working women , children , housewife's and also for specific diseases.

Anti addiction campaign

The trust conducts a 7 day camp in the name “ Goodbye to liquor “ in guruvayur . Till date we have completed 10 camps with more than 500 families benefiting from this campaign

Education and Scholarships

The trust has launched a separate program called EDUCARE in 2004 ,through which it is currently providing free education every year to around 300 needy and eligible students in the school as well as university level.

Disaster Relief

The trust has consistently and dedicatedly volunteer in response to disasters within India .Sai Sanjeevani was among the first to respond to Chennai floods and the Jammu and Kashmir Floods in India .

Food distribution among the needy

Annapurna project was launched by the trust in 2005 for providing food for the poor .Daily Meals are also provided for needy at the Ashram.

Child welfare

The trust has fully adopted 18 students from 2004 till date. The trust also meets specific needs of more than 50 children's every year.

HARITHA GITA (Tree preservation campaign)

Planting and preserving trees has high relevance in this age . In order to convey this message to the coming generation " Haritha Gita " project was launched in 2010.

Spiritual Healing and Research Center

The trust has its own Research institute for Spiritual Health and Energy Engineering ( " RISHEE " ).The trust has always been committed in exploring the integrative health and wellbeing of the society and this step is a big initiative for the same .

Women welfare

The trust has launched a pension scheme for Widows form the weaker and poor sections of the Society . At present more than 175 widows are been benefiting from this scheme.

Medical relief

The trust facilitate a number of operations ,camps and Free Medicines every year with the support of various hospitals and doctors for People in and around Guruvayur .

Sai Sanjeevini publications

The trust has published many books and magazine to reach out to people and spread the message of Silence and its Spiritual importance. We have also published Sri Shridhi Sai Baba AvataraSatcharitham ,Satya Sai AvataraSatcharitham and Kulapathikal in Malayalam.

Applied Gita Program

Trust have started this ambitious project of " Applied Gita " to bridge the gap between our scriptures and day to day living . The program aims at analyzing and finding solutions to todays problems in the light of the wisdom provided by Bhagwatgita