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Future Projects and Activities

Future Projects

Sri Sai Sanjeevani Institutes of Higher Medical Sciences

The Sri Sai Sanjeevani Institutes of Higher Medical Sciences is a dream project of Swamiji where Swamiji wishes to provide total health and patient care facilities to all irrespective of caste, class, creed, gender, religion or nationality .Hospital will offer free care for Cardiology, Cardio Thoracic and Vascular Surgery, Neurology and Neurosurgery for the needy and poor . The hospital will also has in-patient services such as Radiology, Laboratory (Pathology, Microbiology, Biochemistry labs, and an inhouse Blood Bank), Physiotherapy, Dietary and Counseling. Swamiji wishes this hospital to be known as a 'temple of healing' as it provides medicare in a spiritual ambience devoid of commercialism. It will not just the state-of-the-art technology or high quality service but the spiritual ambience pervading through the campus. The hospital will have state of art technology along with Sai Babas healing powers .

The hospital is expected to be set in around 40 acres of land with a mix of ancient hindu and modern architecture with more than 500 beds in the first phase and 1000 beds in the next phase . Sai Sanjeevanis commitment to affordable quality care will attracted a dedicated team of highly qualified medical professionals and other healthcare professionals from across the world to provide the highest standards of medical treatment. The hospital’s extensive infrastructure will offer facilities will comprising modern operating theatres, equipped intensivecare beds, a fully computerized and networked Hospital Information System (HIS), a fully digital radiology department, NABL accredited clinical laboratories and 24/7 telemedicine service. We are expecting to be functional within next 2 to 3 years . In the coming years this Hospital will grow as a prominent superspecialty teaching and research hospital with an accredited degree program in medicine


D H A R M A(Developing Harmony for Absolute Reformation of Mind and Attitude)

DHARMA is one of the unique SELF HELP moment started by Sai Sanjeevani for the youth of the country . We believe that of agitated mind arises agitated thoughts , out of agitated thoughts comes wrong actions , out of wrong actions comes wrong results . A calm ,composed , tranquil mind is the minimum requisite to lead a extremely successful and healthy life . All the problems from micro to macro ie. froma individual daily livelihood to antisocial and terriost activities can be solved easily by a society whose youth is equipped with a balanced and composed mind.

It is not " what happens to Individuals " , which leads them to be happy, healthy or successful, but " how they interpret " the events actually influences them and gives the results. DHARMA programs helps each one of us to discover our hidden potential by unlocking the hidden power inside us. It helps us to cast away our personal problems , regrets , failures and see a future with an entirely winning mindset. This hidden infinite potential of our human mind is the ultimate key to success, because it has the power to mold our personality into someone we always wanted to be , the power to shape our future according to how we wanted to live and the power to create our destiny as to how we wanted certain things to happen.

Dharma at Schools : Many students view education as an obligation rather than a privilege, and fail to fully engage in their studies as a result. Dharma sessions in schools helps in promoting the correct attitude toward school thereby helping the children gain enthusiasm for their scholastic journey, acquire a passion for knowledge and ultimately become lifelong learners. Dharma helps children to develop self-confidence in their abilities through their academic environment. When students acquire healthy levels of self-confidence, they are better equipped to face the stress of school and college education. Students with self-confidence pay more attention in class, get along better with their peers and generally have a more focused and inquisitive attitude


Counseling is a process of assistance extended by an expert in an individual situation to needy person. It is a series of direct contact with the individual which aims to offer him assistance inchanging the attitudes and behavior . Our life is getting complex day by day. Guidance and counseling is needed to help each one of us to reach optimum achievement and adequate adjustment in the varied life situations. Need analysis shows the need of guidance and counseling services, in the education, profession, vocation, social, health, moral, personal and marital areas.Guidance and counseling have been a vital aspect of Dharma. A person can easily reach his full potential with proper guidance and counseling in all areas of life. Counseling focuses on proper motivation and clarification of goals and ideas in each individuals taking into consideration their basic potentialities and social tendencies .

Yoga Classes

In order for common people to benefit from our rich science of yoga , Sai Sanjeevani has started yoga for different sections of the people in our society like the working women , children , housewife’s and also for specific diseases. These classes are very scientifically and purposefully designed keeping in mind the category for which its created so that they can feel the result from the very first day

Education and scholarships

In this world merely absorbing secular knowledge for the sake of earning a living was not sufficient, to ensure that the students achieved true happiness in their lives, equal emphasis is been given on the use of that knowledge towards serving society, also equipping the students with the wisdom to lead their lives in a righteous and responsible manner has been one of the main goal of the trust . In this direction it conducts various camps and various life development classes among students from all age and society. The main aim is to draw out the knowledge, human values and wisdom that are present in a dormant form in the student .The trust has launched a separate program called EDUCARE in 2004 ,through which it is currently providing free education every year to around 300 needy and eligible students in the school as well as university level .they are also provided with school uniforms ,books and all other learning accessories for these students .The trust also provides scholarships every year for 50 students on the basis of feedback received from the institutions . The trust provides books and newspapers free of cost for around 6 school libraries thus equipping them to carve out the coming generation.

Disaster Relief

The trust has consistently and dedicatedly volunteer in response to disasters within India .Sai Sanjeevani was among the first to respond to Chennai floods from our region and could deliver more than 3000 botels of water , 3000 chapatis , snacks , clothes , candles and torches . All these was done with an inclusive effort of all the well wishers in and around Guruvayur region . Jammu and Kashmir state that was hit by devastated floods in 2014 whichcaused massive destruction and severe distress in the state of Jammu and Kashmir with several fatalities and large numbers displaced. Several houses, especially in low lying areas, have been washed away or entirely damaged. An estimated 19,00,000 people in 2600 villages and towns, have been affected in the floods, and an estimated 543,000 displaced people, many of whom have returned to their homes, are still in extreme distress, particularly the children, women and aged. A campaign drive was launched for 10 days and around 9 schools , banks, other organizations and various prominent personalities were brought under one roof to pool more than 10000 dresses and blankets .along with candels , solar torches , and other basic products like soaps, brushes, paste etc worth around 15 lacs and were dispatched through Government as well as NGO’s.
A disaster-relief program was launched in response to the 2004 Indian Ocean Earthquake and tsunami. Around 100 doctors were brought under one roof and a medicine collection drive along with dress collection was conducted and was provided to the disaster hit victims. In the latest Chennai floods with the help of hearty people from kerala we could send more than 3500 bottles of drinking water , candles , torches , food items as a helping hand from our side towards relief for Chennai people .

Food distribution among the needy

Under the Annapurna project launched by the trust in 2005 for providing food for the needy poor . Around 5000kg of rice is been distributed every year from 2004 till date. For promoting organic food among people the trust has been distributing vegetable seeds for around 300 household in the last 2 years and also provides organic fertilizers for the same.

Child welfare

The trust has fully adopted 18 students from 2004 till date. The trust also meets specific needs of more than 50 children’s every year .It also conducts various programs in the area of child development like counseling and empowering families towards the same .

HARITHA GITA (Tree preservation campaign)

Planting and preserving trees has high relevance in this age . In order to convey this message to the coming generation “Haritha Gita “ project was launched in the presence of Padmasree M Leelavathi in 2010 .The trust has provided more than 5000 tree saplings till date to various organizations and institutions. Various awareness campaigns regarding the same is been carried out at various places. The trust also provides various medicinal plants to be grown free of cost.

Spiritual Healing and Research Center

The trust has its own Research institute for spiritual health and Energy Engineering (“Rishee” ) the trust is committed to exploring integrative health and wellbeing of the society. We understand that direct experience and investigation help us learn from the world's diverse healing traditions and inform the practice. More than 1000 severe cases including Cancer ,Soriasis , kidney failure ,heart blockage have been healed.The center gives equal importance to all the 3 levels of healing ie on the physical , mental and soul level as only when all 3 are integrated a human being can live a complete life. The center is focused on the research that through change in thought forms all diseases and mental alignments can be cured .

Anti addiction campaign

The trust conducts a 7 day camp in the name “ Goodbye to liquor “ in Guruvayur . Till date we have completed 10 camps with more than 500 families benefiting from this campaign . The campaign has got a wide reach and support from all sections of the society .

Women welfare

The trust has launched a pension scheme for widows form the weaker and poor sections of the society . At present more than 175 widows are been benefiting from this scheme.

Medical relief

SS trust facilitate a number of operations and camps every year with the support of various hospitals and doctors .SS trust has tie-ups with Ahilya Foundation palakad, Super Specialty Hospital AIMS Ernakulum puthavarthy ,SreeChitra Medical center Trivandrum ,Jubilee medical mission thrishur, MIMS Calicut and. The trust has facilitated surgery for around 400 heart patients , have conducted 30 eye camps and facilitated around 600 catract surgery . Every year 2 ayurveda camps are conducted along with Sridhariyamayurveda hospital koothatkulamand more than 300 people are treated free of charge . Every month 60 to 90 people are provided free homeo care through homeo camps conducted by the trust along with DrSalim , DrGopinath and DrRojan

Sai Sanjeevini publications

The trust publishes a magazine called Sai Sanjeevani to reach out to people and spread the message of Silence and its Spiritual importance . Today there are many subscribers for the same and masters from various fields have contributed and shared their thoughts and views through this medium . The trust has published Sri Shridhi Sai Baba AvataraSatcharitham ,Satya Sai AvataraSatcharitham and Kulapathikal in Malayalam to explain the concept and importance of Guru and to uplift the faith in humanity . It has also published MounaUpnishad ,books on pranayama and spiritual healing .

Applied Gita Program

SS trust have started this ambitious project of “Applied Gita “ to bridge the gap between our scriptures and day to day living . The program aims at analyzing and finding solutions to todays problems in the light of the wisdom provided by Bhagwatgita.